Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Book Of Tea - July Challenge

I was thrilled by this month's challenge.  The journal page that Tracy created with the teapot and cup has been one of my favourite's and this was just the impetus I needed to haul out the art supplies.  (I keep some of my stuff out of reach or my daughter would use it all up ... she's a prolific artist at 7 years old and keeps my refrigerator looking quite splendid indeed!)  

Because I knew that this month would be crazy busy with two weeks of Vacation Bible School, a trip to New Brunswick and other summer activities, I decided to get creative right away.  Unfortunately, I procrastinated about doing the actual blog post and my laptop decided that it needed a visit to the repair shop and took my camera card along with it.  LOL  So, here I am using my hubby's laptop, my son's SD card has been formatted for my camera and I'm good to go.  I guess I just need the incentive of an 11th hour deadline to get my butt in gear!

This is the photo of the journal page that made me so happy.

In a world of coffee drinkers, I am a lover of tea.  Hot, iced, chai, sweet, black, green ... you get the idea.  I love waking up in the morning knowing that my husband has a freshly steeped pot of tea waiting for me!  I cut a teapot and teacup from my "Once Upon a Princess" cricut cartridge to use as a stencil and went from there.

I used a butterfly stencil cut from the "Paper Lace 2" cartridge for the background and played with polka dots for the dishware.  

The quote by Kakuzo Okakura is one that I found on the internet and I loved it!  Did you know that someone wrote "The Book Of Tea"?  I'm totally intrigued, and will be looking for a copy!

There is a sponsor for this challenge, and I don't want to forget to thank them.  It's May Arts ... a ribbon company that has beautiful products.  

Thanks for looking at my pictures.  I'll try to be a better blogger!

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